Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's SPRING!!!

I just love spring time.  Baseball, Track, T-ball and Soccer kids are involved in so many afterschool activities now a days, it is difficult to keep their attention on school work.  That is where I get a little sneaky with my SMARTBoard.   

I use one of their favorite games on the SMARTBoard to teach my Math lessons, Koosh Ball.   Each student gets a turn at throwing the Koosh Ball at the SMARTBoard.  When the problem pops up the student answers the question.   Then the student or teacher touches a flower to be linked back to the home page and the next student can take their turn.  Now you may be thinking, “What does she do with the rest of the class?”  Well they all have their white boards at their desks working the same problems that pop up on the SMARTBoard.  If I see a student is not doing the work or if they need some extra attention from me, they sit at my reading table where I can keep a closer eye on their work. 

Even though I like to use the Koosh Ball game for Math it can be used for any subject.  It makes a great review game before a test.
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Spring Time Number Line

Click here to find Spring  Time Number Line.

Another fun Math activity is Spring Time Number Line.  This fun Spring Time Themed SmartBoard lesson teaches the Common Core Standard for 1st Grade: Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 20 using the strategy of a number line to find the answer to a problem.


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  4. Hi! I found your blog from the Caffeinated Classroom! I have a smartboard this year and I am lovin it! I"m looking forward to learning some new tips from you! Stop by my new blog if you have a chance :)
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